Tom DiLella: Rugby Player Becomes A Fitness Model

Unpredictable events can have massive consequences. Whether it is a death, an accident, or injury, or some other kind of loss, uncontrollable events can change our lives forever. Although it may seem like we have been unfairly robbed of our future, sometimes these life-changing events can lead us to an alternative path that is just as good, if not better, than the one that we had in mind. This is what happened to Tom DiLella, a 23 year-old fitness model from West Chester, Pennsylvannia. When he got hurt and had to end his rugby career, he decided compete in Men’s Physique. Since then, he has done some fitness modeling photo shoots, and he now he plans on going far with fitness modeling. As you check out these photos of former rugby player turned fitness model Tom Dilella by Light Smith Photography and photographer Sean Gomes, you can see how an unpredictable, life-changing event like an injury can lead to something great:

First, the photos by Light Smith Photography:

Rugby player turned fitness model tom DiLella has amazing abs and serratus development.
Photographer: Light Smith Photography


This black-and-white photo of fitness model Tom DiLella highlights the contours of his abs and his bicep vein.
Photographer: Light Smith Photography


Tom DiLella has well-developed abs and arms.
Photographer: Light Smith Photography Tom DiLella has well-developed pecs and biceps.
Photographer: Light Smith Photography

Next, the photos by photographer Sean Gomes:

Rugby player turned fitness model Tom DiLella has a great physique.
Photographer: Sean Gomes Tom DiLella’s arms look huge.
Photographer: Sean Gomes

As you can see, life-changing events are not always complete disasters. Because Tom DiLella could no longer play rugby but still wanted to compete in something, he decided to compete in Men’s Physique, which eventually lead to fitness modeling. In fact, he has the perfect physique for fitness modeling: he has a good balance between size and leanness, a proportionate upper body, and well-developed abs. The black-and-white photos highlight his abdominal development especially well, brining out the contours of his rectus abdominus. With a phsyique as well-developed as his, it is clear that Tom DiLella will do well in fitness modeling. After seeing how Tom DiLella is perfectly suited for fitness modeling, there is no doubt that the alternate paths that life-altering events force us to take are not always bad.

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About the Model:

Rugby player turned fitness model Tom DiLella has a great physique.
Photographer: Sean Gomes

Tom DiLella is a 23 year-old college student and fitness model from West Chest, Pennsylvannia. He is 6’1″ and weighs 194 lbs. After he hurt himself playing rugby, he needed something to compete in, so decided to do a men’s physique show. He did the 2013 OCB Battle for the Belt Bodybuilding Show and won first place overall in the Men’s Physique division. He has started doing some modeling as well, appearing in the November 2013 issue of Philly Fit. He plans on graduating with his degree in Health and Nutrition and becoming a personal trainer as he tries to take fitness modeling as far as he can.

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