Olivier by Millar Photographics: Part 1

Guys new to the world of fitness modeling are eager to achieve greatness.  They dream of being recognized as having one of the best physiques in the world, their pictures published in magazines and on websites around the world.  Olivier is one such young, eager fitness model.  These photos by Niel Millar of Millar Photographics show how eager he is to take his modeling career as far as he can:

Olivier Red Underwear Abs

Olivier is relaxing in bed and showing off his insanely ripped abs.
Photographer: Millar Photographics


Olivier Black Underwear in Bed

Another shot of Olivier’s super ripped abs in bed.
Photographer: Millar Photographics


Olivier Underwear Lying Abs

Olivier’s lying down and showing his abs…again.
Photographer: Millar Photographics


Olivier Underwear Obliques

Olivier’s obliques are phenomenal.
Photographer: Millar Photographics

Olivier Underwear showing obliques

Olivier’s amazingly ripped obliques…once again.
Photographer: Millar Photographics

Although Olivier’s physique is well balanced overall, his abs are one of his best bodypart.  His bodyfat is very low, every muscle, every cut, and every vein is visible.  With abs that look like they were chiseled out of solid rock, Olivier will go far in the world of fitness modeling.

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About the model:

Olivier in underwear with a sword

Olivier with a sword.
Photographer: Millar Photographics

Olivier is a 20 year-old model from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  He is 5’9″ and weighs 180 lbs.  He is new to the world of modeling, but he wants to meet someone who will help make him great and take him to his full potential (Modelmayhem.com profile).  He works out 5 to 6 days a week to stay in shape.  He says that he is a very fun and outgoing person, so if you would like to work with him, please contact him (Modelmayhem.com profile).  If you would like to contact Olivier, please check out his Modelmayhem.com profile:

Modelmayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2449443

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