Jordan Antoni by Olivier Gilbert: Young Jock to Fitness Model

From playing little league to buying season tickets, sports are a big part of some people’s lives.  These “jocks” often play multiple sports, awing everyone with there athletic talent.  Playing all these sports has an affect on their bodies, their physiques developing to a level most people can never imagine.

This is no doubt what happened to Jordan Antoni, a fitness model from Paris, France.  He grew up playing a variety of sports ranging from kung fu to cycling.  He started modeling recently, so photogapher Olivier Gilbert took some shots of Jordan Antoni to show just how much those years of athletics have shaped his physique:

Jordan Antoni in a tank top

Model Jordan Antoni in a tank top.
Photographer: Olivier Gilbert

Jordan Antoni shows off his abs.

Jordan Antoni opens his shirt to show off his abs.
Photographer: Olivier Gilbert

Jordan Antoni shows his chest

Fitness model Jordan Antoni shows his chest.
Photographer: Olivier Gilber

As you can, all those years of sports have paid off.  Fitness model Jordan Antoni has a tight, athletic body with a good balance between muscle mass and definition.  The symmetry of his pecs and biceps are especially noticeable, those muscles having a fullness and aesthetic shape that only genetics can give.  In addition to the more traditional fitness modeling shots, photographer Olivier Gilbert took some more artistic photos as well:

Jordan Antoni with pink underwear

Fitness model Jordan Antoni is black-and-white-and-pink.
Photographer: Olivier Gilbert

Jordan Antoni on a couch

Model Jordan Antoni as a sensual soldier resting on a couch.
Photographer: Olivier Gilbert

These shots are a little more sensual as Jordan Antoni shows a different side to his personality.  The black-and-white photo’s shading brings out the contours of his muscular physique, and the splash of color from his underwear draws the eye towards his glutes.  The second photo is even more sensual, Olivier Gilbert contrasting the image of a soldier, the ultimate symbol of masculinity and power, with the vulnerability of lying naked on a couch.  Olivier Gilbert knows how to take a fitness model with an incredible phusique like Jordan Antoni and use it to create incredible art.

Model Jordan Antoni against a stone wall.

Model Jordan Antoni against a stone wall in black-and-white.
Photographer: Olivier Gilbert

Jordan Antoni in black-and-white

Jordan Antoni in black-and-white from the side.
Photographer: Olivier Gilbert

These photos of model Jordan Antoni by Olivier Gilbert show what years of playing sports does for your physique.  If these shots don’t motivate you to start playing more sports, I don’t know what will.

If you liked these photos, you will want to see more of Olivier Gilbert’s work.  He is a photographer and modeling agency manager from France.  See more of his work here:

About the model:

Model Jordan Antoni Lonsdale Boxer Trunks

Model Jordan Antoni wearing Lonsdale Boxer Trunks by a waterfall.
Photographer: Olivier Gilbert

Jordan Antoni is a fitness model from France.  He is of French and Corsican descent.  He played a lot of sports growing up, everything from “kung fu, athletic fitness, body weight training, cardio, general exercising, running and cycling” according to his profile.  He has recently started modeling, and he loves all types of modeling (fashion, fitness, etc.).  He loves to travel and meet new people; in fact, he would like to travel abroad and make more professional contacts.

You can find out more about fitness model Jordan Antoni here:



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