Derrick James Vargo by Osvaldo Rivera: By The Water

Although finding a fitness model with an impressive physique is difficult, deciding where to do the photo shoot can just as if not more difficult.  Photographers know that things such as lighting, shadows, and background can turn an average photo into an excellent shot and vice versa, so finding the perfect frame for a great physique is critical.  While photography studios are common choices for fitness photo shoots, photographer Osvaldo Rivera chose to photograph fitness model Derrick James Vargo next to sources of water.  Take a look at how Osvaldo’s choice of shooting location enhanced the photos:

Fitness model Derrick James Vargo shows off his abs near a tidepool on the beach in Puerto Rico.
Photographer: Osvaldo Rivera Derrick James Vargo’s shirt is blown open by the wind, his abs fully visible.
Photographer: Osvaldo Rivera Derrick James Vargo shows off his obliques on the beach.
Photographer: Osvaldo Rivera

Photographer Osvaldo Rivera took the first few shots of Derrick James Vargo on the beach, the elements of sun, wind, rock, and water adding their own dimension to the photos and setting of Derrick’s physique perfectly.  The sun shows the details of his midsection and highlights his stomach’s musculature, and the wind ruffles his clothes and hair to add a rugged edge to his athletic physique.  The rocks emphasize his ruggedness even more, and the water adds sublte form and movement to the background.  Photographer Osvaldo Rivera also chose another water source to use as a background in his photo shoot with model Derrick James Vargo: a stream with a waterfall.

Derrick James Vargo wearing camo pants and showing off his abs in a waterfall.
Photographer: Osvaldo Rivera Derrick James shows off his abs by a stream.
Photographer: Osvaldo Rivera Derrick James Vargo’s abs by a waterfall while wearing camouflage pants.
Photographer: Osvaldo Rivera

In these shots Derrick James poses near a waterfall.  Away from the elements of the beach the lighting is softer, changing the shadowing and highlighting his definition in a different way.  As you can see, photographer Osvaldo Rivera knows how to chose the right location and background for awesome physique shots.

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About the model:

Derrick James Vargo shows off his obliques on the beach.
Photographer: Osvaldo Rivera

Derrick James Vargo is an actor, model, and hip-hop dancer.  He is 23 years old, 5’11″, and weighs 170 lbs.   Although people always told him that he couldn’t do anything when he was a child, he has gone on to accomplish many things.  He was a starting varsity high school football player, lettering all 4 years and playing on a team that was ranked 2nd in the state (Facebook).  He was also a US Marine, and he has participated in mixed martial arts at a semi-professional level (Facebook).   Although he has only started modeling recently, he has already had “over 100 gigs” and “been a part of 2 international agencies”(Facebook).  He has had roles in award-winning films, and he has worked with some of the best photographers in the industry.

If you would like to connect with Derrick, get in touch with him by following the links below:




Instagram: vargo45





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