Bodybuilder Charlie Keller by Brett Seeley: Fitness Transformation Winner

Not every fitness model has always been in top shape; in fact, some of them have had to work very hard to achieve their muscular yet ripped physiques.  Inspired by an unshakeable dream, they dedicated themselves to accomplishing their goals.  This is what Charlie Keller, a firefighter from Colorado, did in order to win the BSN Finish First Transformation Challenge.   These photos by photographer Brett Seeley show the results of Charlie Keller’s hard work:

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller legs and abs

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller showing off his gigantic legs and ripped abs.
Photographer: Brett Seeley

Charlie Keller works on his arms

Fitness model Charlie Keller works on his arms.
Photographer: Brett Seeley

Fitness model Charlie Keller cables and sixpack

Fitness model Charlie Keller using cables and showing his six pack.
Photographer: Brett Seeley

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller dumbbell bench press

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller doing dumbbell bench press.
Photographer: Brett Seeley

Charlie Keller showing off his tattooed arms

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller showing off his tattooed arms.
Photographer: Brett Seeley

Charlie Keller by the dumbbells

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller leans on the dumbbell rack in this photo…very fitting since he probably spends a lot of time in the gym.
Photographer: Brett Seeley

As you can see, Charlie Keller has transformed his body and developed a bodybuilder’s physique.  Although his entire body is well-developed, his traps, arms, abs, and legs stand out.  His traps and arms are huge, looking as if they are about to burst through his skin.  His abs are not only muscular but also defined, the balance between muscle and leanness giving his abs the shape and proportion that most bodybuilders and fitness models lack.  However, his legs are one of his best-developed body parts, the first photo showing his well-developed quad sweep and teardrop muscles.  He is definitely not someone who skips leg day.  After looking at these photos, you can see why bodybuilder and fitness model Charlie Keller won a transformation contest.  He gives hope to all aspiring bodybuilders and fitness models who are not currently in shape but who dream of one day having a stunning physique.

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About the model:

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller near a dumbbell

Bodybuilder Charlie Keller posing near a dumbbell.
Photographer: Brett Seeley

Charlie Keller is a 28 year-old firefighter from Monument, Colorado.  He is 5’7″ tall.  He is a full-time firefighter and is a sponsored athlete for BSN Nutrition.  Although he is a first degree black belt and has won hundreds of trophies and plaques, it wasn’t until college that he decided to work on adding muscle to his thin frame ( interview).   After gaining muscle (along with some fat), he decided to enter his first bodybuilding competition, so he transformed himself from 12% bodyfat to 6% bodyfat ( interview).  He has competed in several bodybuilding competitions: 2011 NPC Colorado Northern, the 2011 NPC Colorado Southern, the 2011 NPC Colorado Open, and the 2012 NPC Colorado State (Facebook).  His next competition is the NPC USA Champions on July 26-27 2013.

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