Bobby Creighton Interview: Photographs by David Wagner

Bobby Creighton is one of the fitness modeling industry’s fastest-rising stars.  He has already worked with well-known photographers such as JR Williams of Island Male Graphics, Calvin Brockington, and Osvaldo Rivera.  Caleb Galaraga of Male Fitness Model Studios recently connected with Bobby Creigthon in order to do an interview.  Take a look at not only this exclusive interview but also these great  images from Bobby Creighton’s recent photo shoot with photographer David Wagner for Lash Magazine:

Boddy Creighton Adonis Belt

Fitness model Boddy Creighton has a well-defined adonis belt.
Photographer: David Wagner


Bobby Creighton Rufskin

Fitness model Bobby Creighton showing off Rufskin swimwear.
Photographer: David Wagner

1.) Thank you for doing this interview.  Could you please tell fans how old you are and where you live?

-I am twenty-seven and I currently live in Houston, Texas.

2.) What is your height and weight?

-I am 5’9 and generally weigh between 155 and 175lbs depending on the project.

Bobby Creighton abs and tattoos

Fitness model Boddy Creighton has ripped abs and perfectly placed tattoos.
Photographer: David Wagner

3.) What do you do for a living?

-I currently manage a small manufacturing business in Houston while I work towards building my acting and modeling career.

4.) How did you get started in modeling?

-I went along with a girlfriend in high school to a modeling audition she had and I was offered a position on the spot.

Bobby Creighton Chest and Ink

Bobby Creighton wears this open shirt to show off his chest and ink.
Photographer: David Wagner

5.) I saw the shots from your recent shoot with Osvaldo Rivera in Puerto Rico.  It’s amazing that so many different images came out of the same photo shoot.  Is it difficult to create so many looks in the same shoot?

-To be honest it was fairly difficult as I suffered a broken ankle the first day in town. It turned out ok though as Osvaldo is a very positive person to be around which motivated me to search for different inspiration. I tried to use the physical discomfort I was feeling to create something positive, and I think it worked.

6.) When did you take the beach photos with Osvaldo Rivera?

-Due to the nature of my injury we were not able to work on the beach this past trip. We shot on the beach in 2012 which was awesome. The water is spectacular.

7.) Some of your shots are very edgy and daring, so you definitely aren’t afraid to push the envelope.  Have you always been so comfortable and confident in front of the camera?

- I enjoy bringing something different to every project. There is no reason to copy or recreate others’ work as I want mine to be unique. I have never shied away from the camera.

Bobby Creighton Tattoos

Bobby Creighton sets himself off from most other fitness models because of his tattoos.
Photographer: David Wagner

Boddy Creighton upper body and tattoos

Bobby Creighton’s tattoos fit his upper body well.
Photographer: David Wagner

8.) Another edgy thing about you is your tattoos.  From the comments that fans leave, it seems like some people hate them on fitness models while others love them.  Have your tattoos affected your modeling career?

-They affect my modeling on a daily basis, in both good and bad ways. They are a part of me and if I am not suited for a particular project that is ok. It’s cool, some people like them, some don’t.

Bobby Creight Fashion Vest

Bobby Creighton is not just a fitness model but also a fashion model as well.
Photographer: David Wagner

9.) If you could give advice to someone who wants to get into modeling, what would you tell him?

-My advice is that when one door closes another opens, success is gained
over time through trial and error. The most import thing is never give up! If you believe you can do something do it.

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